3 Great Options For a Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain

April 9, 2020

What are you options when you need to have a water fountain for your cat, but there aren't any outlets in your cats normal place to eat food? What can you do?

I was in a similar predicament at my last condo. I needed a water fountain for my cat as I was traveling sometimes and while I always had people check in on him, I wanted to make sure he had fresh running water. Needless to say there weren't a lot of options in the market for this, but I did find to solutions

Things To Consider

Cats like fresh sources of water and battery operated units are going to have some serious downfalls. Most battery operated cat water fountains will only run for a few days maximum before needing to be recharged. 

I would always make sure that you have a backup plan to get your kitty fresh water. When in doubt leaving a sink with a trickle of water while you're away is always a great option. It might not be the best for your water-bill, but you never want to leave your cat in a situation without fresh water. 

HoneyGuaridan Pet Fountain Battery Operated

This model has some great new features that I love! Here’s what is great:
The sensor mode that allows the fountain to be off until a pet comes up to drink. This saves electricity. The other mode is always running. You get to choose the mode you want. I like that this one is clear so I can more easily see where the water level is without having to get down on the ground to look at the level. This one has a battery backup option in case electricity goes out in your home, this fountain will still run for a few days on battery.

I love the ability to provide filtered water to my pets for a week without having to refill and clean their water bowl every other day. I like the style of the water fountain top reservoir better than their other models.


  • Water Basin is large and holds lots of water
  • Batter power united turns on and off as your animal approaches


  • Pump can be a bit loud when cycling on 
  • Doesn't come with the battery.

Petmate Fresh Flow Rain Battery Fountain for Cats

Petmate Fresh Flow Rain Battery Fountain for Cats and Dogs, 75 oz
  • KEEP CAT OR DOG HYDRATED WITH FRESH WATER-Circulates water for your pet to keep water fresh and not...
  • BATTERY OPERATED – First fully battery-operated fountain in the market No Cords, outlets or...

When switched on, the fountain is not continuous. It cycles every 20 minutes. It’s not really very loud, but it was louder than I expected it to be, which could definitely be a dealbreaker for some people. It does sound closer to peeing than a running fountain. Concept is a great idea - I looked around for a long time before I found a battery operated pet fountain. This product could really benefit from a few tweaks.


  • Works exactly as described and is fully battery powered.
  • Great looking design


  • Water isn't continuous like most models
  • Pump is a bit loud

H2O DH025 Cordless Battery Operated Pet Water Fountain

Dog H2O DH025 Cordless Battery Operated Pet Water Fountain, Cool Blue/Translucent Black
  • No wires, no limits. Place it anywhere! There are no cords for puppies or playful dogs. A programmed...
  • Large drinking area for medium to large dogs with 200 fl. Oz (6.3 quarts) capacity, ensuring clean...

This fountain is designed for a dog, but the premise is the same for your cat. It has no wires, no cords and you can place it anywhere for your cat to get access to fresh running water. There is a larger drinking area so if you have multiple cats, this will work wonder. With over 6 quarts of space, you're going to have water for a while.

With good batteries, it will run for about 3 months. If you want it to filter more often, there is the 2nd setting, just double click the button, it will run for 2 min every 45 min but the battery life will go down by 1/2.


  • Large water reservoir that fits 6 quarts
  • Simple design with a flat bowl for cats to drink out of.


  • Like most units it doesn't continually run
  • Might be a bit large for some cats since it's designed for dogs

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