Because you shouldn’t have to defend why you’re a cat person
For Cat People By Cat People

I dreamed a dream

Why is it that there are thousands of websites devoted to dogs and dog owners, but a website about cats is thought of to be crazy? It’s actually not that crazy considering there are over 30 million cat owners in the United States but imagine a world where you can find all of the information you need to keep your cat happy.  A place where you can get honest opinions from cat people about what toys and gadgets will actually help you to take care of your cat and what junk to avoid because the box it came in is probably more useful to your fluff ball.

We’ve all been there. You buy an expensive toy or product only to find out that the box is more interesting to your cat.

Sometimes your cat throwing up, making that weird noise while looking aimlessly at a wall is just things that a cat do.  Sometimes it means you might not be giving your cat the attention they deserve; sometimes you might really want to know how to stop your darn cat from climbing on the stove as you write the about us page for your blog.

Why Us?

We all have experiences that make us uniquely qualified to do what we do. We are unapologetically cat people and proud to say it. We’ve raised, trained, nurtured and cared for cats for over 20+ years. We’re not against other types of pets, but it’s definitely time that cat people have their time to shine. I believe that  If you’ve had a unique or common question about cat behavior, health, products of their lifestyle, we’re hoping that we can answer it.

My Story

I’ve been around cats my entire life (and lots of other animals for that matter). I’ve had to say goodbye to a few pets and find ways to open my heart so that I could say hello to new friends. One thing that I’ve noticed is that while all cats have very similar behaviors, they have vastly different nuances. I remember buying a Casper Pet Mattress for my cat, Max. I was working on Caspers marketing campaigns and I had purchased their new ‘Wave’ mattress. I wanted to upgrade Max’s bed as well.

Of course, in typical fashion, I spent $200 on a pet bed only to have him want to sleep in the box I looked around on the internet and there were gazillions of articles on how to get your dog to sleep in his bed, but the only information I could find about cats were on outdated websites that looked like they were made when the internet still mad noises (You know what I’m talking about AOL users).

It dawned on me that there are probably millions of other cat owners just like me that want to enrich the lives of their animals. They probably have no idea what products to purchase or why they should buy them. In the past 5, I’ve purchased well over $10,000 of products for cats. I knew there were others out there like me, so we created a place to share our experiences and mistakes so you don’t have to make them.

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