Can Cats Eat Carrots

September 29, 2019

Yes, carrots are completely safe for cats to eat. Carrots are some of the most popular vegetables on the market and your cat might be curious as to what you’re eating. Carrots are non-toxic to cats. While they aren’t a normal part of your cat's diet, they are something that your cat could eat if they show interest and you are okay with feeding your cat some veggies.

This is probably the only time that we shouldn’t force our fur children to “eat their veggies”.

Are There Any Benefits

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for a cat's night vision as well as for healthy skin. Vitamin A is especially important for pregnant females and kittens because growing kittens require it for growth, muscle, and neurological development.


While fiber isn’t a known nutritional requirement for cats, in the wold the fur and animal bones they would normally eat contain fiber. Fiber helps cats digestive system function properly and can prevent constipation.


Potassium serves an important function in the conduction of electrical charges in the heart, nerves, and muscles.


This is a very important ingredient that promotes healthy skin, fur, and nails. You may notice this as a similar ingredient that you take for nail strength or it might be in your shampoo to promote healthier hair. It’s the same idea as your cat. 

Vitamin K1

Vitamin K-1 is a supplement for both cats and dogs that helps blood clot better and helps prevent bleeding problems.

How Often Can I Feed It To Them

While there is no harm in feeding your cat carrots, you should be aware that any type of “human” food you give your cat should be done in moderation. If your cat shows interest and is open to eating carrots then they can be a healthy treat to give occasionally.

Pro Tip

Give your cat steamed of cooked carrots as the hard and rough texture of the carrot might be more difficult for your cat to chew with their mostly carnivorous teeth.

Any Concerns

There are no real concerns in feeding your cat carrots other than the form in which you feed them. Uncooked carrots might be difficult for your cat to chew and ultimately difficult for them to swallow. It’s best to use soft carrots that have been cooked to make chewing easier on your act.

Common Questions

Do cats like carrots?

Cats are unique creatures and can like a variety of foods. If your cat shows interest in carrots, then it’s completely safe to give your cat carrots.

Can kittens eat carrots?

Yes. Kittens can eat carrots. They are completely safe for young kittens to eat as long as it’s done in moderation.

Can my cat choke on carrots?

It’s possible that larger chunks of raw carrots can be difficult for your cat to swallow. We recommend that you cook your carrots to make them easier to chew.

Final Word

While it is completely safe for your cat to eat carrots, this is a food that you should be selective about including in your cat's diet on a regular basis. The fiber is a good addition to replace the fiber they would naturally eat in their prey in the wild, but there are much better alternatives to feed your cat. However, if they show interested and are genuinely interested in eating carrots, then you can oblige your cat's request.

August 14, 2020

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September 29, 2019

Yes. It is completely safe for cats to eat lettuce. While lettuce

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