Cat Trackers And GPS Collars. Buying Guide

April 13, 2020

I know this is an unpopular statement but cats are not domesticated. I love my kitty, but he is a still partly a wild animal. Cats were not domesticated like dogs were and their natural instincts are strong. They are an apex predator and being outside is something that is part of their lifestyles.

If you are going to have an outdoor cat, sometimes it helps to have peace of mind with a GPS cat tracker that will fit on their collar.

Should You Get A GPS Cat Collar And Tracker?


If you have an outdoor cat you definitely want to know where they are if you do need to located them. Cats have unquestionable hiding capabilities. You'll find that your kitty is probably roaming around the same areas. It's likely that their are other cats in the area and they are just surveying the perimeter of "their territory" 

How should you use your cat GPS collar?

I would start by taking note of where your cat travels on a day to day basis. Then I would set this as your general perimeter. It gives you a great information for being alerted when your cat goes outside of their normal area .

I would also use this to make sure the cat is in for the night. Leaving your cat outside overnight is okay provided that you have a place for them to shelter outside in the night. 

In a Rush? Here is our best pick

Whistle Go Explore GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle Go Explore/The Ultimate Health + GPS Location Tracker for Pets/Green (100-04202-00)
  • PROACTIVE PET ALERTS: Whether it's a sneaky escape or a stroll with the dogwalker, get notified by...
  • LIVE LOCATION TRACKING. Using AT&T nationwide network and Google Maps, quickly locate your pet,...

The Whistle is the best pet tracker in the market and while it does come at expense, you shouldn't put a price on the safety and security of your pet. This device has a 20+ day battery life which is great because it only requires you to charge it on a weekly basis. It runs off the AT&T cell phone network for live updates so if you have cell phone reception in your area, you are are likely to get updates on your kitty.

It has benefits like geofencing, life updates and tracking plus the ability to monitor behavior like sleeping, scratching or licking. It has a great nightlight feature that turns on the device at night so you can easily locate your kitty if you live in a darker rural area. All together this a great device for tracking the whereabouts of your outdoor cat.


  • Lots of great features
  • Long batter life


  • Monthly subscription prices add up
  • No ability to make an audible noise

Loc8tor Pet Tracker

Loc8tor Pet Tracker | Tracking Cat Collar | Pet Tracking System | RF Tracking & Activity Monitor | No Monthly Fees | Cat & Dog Pet Finder | Includes 2 Transmitter Tags
  • EXPERIENCE AMERICA'S #1 PET TRACKER - Easily locate your pet within 1-inch by using the most...
  • MORE ACCURATE THAN PET GPS TRACKERS - Our unique proprietary RF-based directional cat and dog...

The loc8tor is a great device that doesn't give you and a specific GPS location of your cat, but it will make an audible beep on the cats collar when you activate the button. This is a great feature for cats that you know roam within a certain area in the neighborhood. 

Cats usually get frightened by dogs and their natural instincts kick in which causes them to run outside of areas they are normal and comfortable with. When this happens your cat can end up in a tall tree and feel very uncertain how to get down or hiding in an area where they don't want to come out of. When this happens an audible cat tracker is a great tool to have.


  • Simple and easy to use


  • You need to be around 100-200 ft of the cat for the locator to work
  • Limited if there are lots of obstructions in the way of the signal

Cube Bluetooth Tracker

The Cube tracker is a great low cost solution for tracking your kitty outdoors. While it wont give you all the benefits and features of other devices, it will give you the ability to locate your kitty if you're not sure where they are hiding.

It runs on a batter that lasts almost as long as your car keys battery and it has an audible ping that will work up to 100 ft from your smartphone. If you are able to go to a centralized point in your home you can know if your cat is inside your home or if they are outside.

It will also give you a notification of where your cat was when they went out of range. This could be helpful in knowing the general direction your cat has gone if they get outside of their normal outdoor area.


  • Great value for money
  • Easiest way to locate your cat within 100ft


  • Not really designed for pets
  • Distance is limited

Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag 2.0

Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag (Version 2.5) for Cats & Dogs, Nearby Bluetooth Pet Tracking (not GPS), Community Pet Finder, Walk Diary, Outdoor Virtual Pet Leashes, Digital Medical Profiles
  • KEEP TABS ON YOUR NEARBY PET: Use the Pawscout App on your phone to get the approximate location of...
  • WHEN YOUR PET GOES MISSING: Once you mark your pet as missing in the Pawscout App, Pawscout alerts...

If your pet wanders more than 300 feet away from you while outside, you’ll be able to mark them lost and alert Pawscout users nearby. When pets go missing, they’re often closer to home than you think. Pawscout’s Bluetooth Tag lets you know whether your lost pet has bolted from the yard, or whether they’re still within range and hiding quietly. 

The setup process was quick and even easier -- it took us under four minutes (including doing the photo, digital medical profile and purchasing the optional engraved nameplate (in the app) for $9.95 so that we could eliminate the second clunky metal tag). We watched several of the new tutorial videos, which were short (my favorite type of tutorial) and told us everything we needed to know.

For our cat, the virtual leash has turned out to be our favorite feature because she's an outdoor cat during the day and doesn't always come in at night when we first call her. We are able to literally just walk outside our front door, turn it on, and locate her quickly if she's anywhere on (or near) our property (we've found her under our stairs or in the bushes on multiple occasions in just seconds!).


  • Affordable solution with great features
  • Health options that track your cats activity


  • Device is a bit large for a cat collar
  • Have to pay for the app in order to use

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