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The Real Truth About Why Cats Throw Up After They Eat

We all know that cats can be very greedy at times and they will do everything from giving you long hard stares through to rubbing themselves against your legs in order to get their paws on some chow.  However, many cat owners will know what it’s like to have a cat that seems to throw up […]


Does a Purring Cat Mean a Happy Cat?

We all love to hear the sound of our cats purring. Not only is it a soothing and relaxing sound for us but it also tells us that our cat is happy – or does it? Most people associate the sound of a purring cat with a happy cat. However, this is not always the case. Cats […]


Why do cats eat grass and throw up?

There may not seem to be much for you to be happy about when you discover a pile of cat vomit on your carpet. However, if your feline has emptied his or her stomach after gnawing on some plant matter, it could actually be good news. How so?Meet BagelBagel came into our lives one cold, […]

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