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What to Do When Friends and Family Have Cat Allergies

As the holidays approach, you and your beloved feline family are well prepared. Turkey is baking in the oven, and catnip-scented stockings for all three of your four-legged children are already hanging over the fireplace. Then, as you are setting the table, your sister calls. She’s bringing over her new boyfriend, Lance. She swears he is super […]


10 Designer Cat Breeds for You to Adore

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of cat owners find their friends at shelters, rescue organizations, or through word-of-mouth. However, there are quite a few designer cat breeds out there if you’re looking for a unique companion (for a price).   Designer cats are similar to designer dogs, in that they are […]


Everything You Need to Know About Catnip

As a cat owner, you may be familiar with this scenario: you present your fur baby with a little catnip toy, and within moments your feline friend is rolling on it, drooling, and manically cuddling the toy like there’s no tomorrow. Then, as suddenly as it started, playtime’s over and kitty goes back to its regularly […]