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The Best Cat Shedding Combs To Remove Excess Hair

Ah, Cat Hair & Cat Shedding CombsIt’s one of the less charming aspects of cat cohabitation, but it’s something we must deal with. Cats do a perfectly fine job regularly grooming themselves, but ultimately, they shed their hair on the couch, your lap, and the floor, creating little tumbleweeds for you to find. Grooming your […]


Top 5 Activity Centers to Keep Kitty Stimulated

Activity Centers Are ImportantAs most cat owners will already know, cats can get very bored at times – and when they get bored, they become naughtier than ever. A bored cat often equates to random charging around the house knocking things over along the way, scratching of expensive furniture, attacking of toilet tissue rolls – the […]


Toys Your Cat Will Actually Want to Play With

Are you on the prowl, hunting up fun games for cats?As a cat lover, I’ve come into contact with dozens of cat toys, both professionally made and last minute do-it-yourself improvisations with shoelaces or yarn tied around borrowed feathers from the chickens in the backyard coop or the ducks around the corner at the lake.KittensKittens […]


Finding the Best Litter Box for Your Cat and Your Home

Because finding the best litter box for your cat is important. When it comes to hygiene, we all know how fussy cats can be. Cats like to be clean and they like everything they use to be clean. Despite their habit of going out on the prowl and bringing home corpses as gifts for their owners, […]


Enjoy a Happier Cat and Better Hygiene with the Best Automatic Litter Box

Why an automatic litter box may be for youWe all know how fussy our little fur-balls can be when it comes to hygiene. Cats are fastidiously clean creatures and even the slightest hint of a dirty litter box will put many of them off from using their litter to do their business. However, they have to […]

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