Colorpoint Shorthair

October 10, 2018

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Male: 8-12lbs
Female: <8lbs




vRed, Cream, Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Bluecream, Lilac Cream
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8-12 Years


This breed was created using Siamese cats and crossing it with red Shorthairs to bring in the new color. At heart, the Colorpoint Shorthair is simply a Siamese with some coloring added. The outcome was a successful breed of slender, attractive golden cats. The breed was recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1964. The International Cat Association considers the Colorpoint a variety of Siamese, not a separate breed.


Siamese cats and Colorpoints are different colors, but basically the same cat. This breed has no problem telling you everything about anything at all times of the day in a very loud and raspy voice while expecting you to listen to his every command. They love their owners and will follow you to the end of the earth. Bathroom. Patio. Kitchen. Bedroom. Living Room. There isn’t a place that the colorpoint doesn’t want to be if you are there.

If living with a very chatty cat that follows you around is not something you fancy, then a Colorpoint Shorthair, or any Siamese blend for that matter, is not going to be a good choice for your home. It would be wise to ensure that you have enough time to spend with this breed because they have been known to get lonely. Having a second cat to spend time with them is always recommended, especially if you work during the day.

The Colorpoint Shorthair is among some of the smartest breeds of cat matched with an agile and athletic body. This is not a cat that you want to ever leave without something to do. Left to her own devices, you will come home to empty toilet paper rolls, opened drawers and rummaged belongings


Any cat can have ailments that are related to any cat regardless of breed. It's important to always consult with your breeder about genetic concerns. The Colorpoint Shorthair is a generally healthy cat, but here are some health concerns that have been noted in this breed:

  • Amyloidosis - a protein that impacts the liver
  • Asthma/bronchial disease - difficult with breathing
  • Congenital heart defects
  • Circle
    Crossed eyes
  • Circle
    Gastrointestinal conditions such as megaesophagus
  • Circle
    Hyperesthesia syndrome - excessive grooming
  • Circle
  • Circle
    Nystagmus - involuntary rapid eye moving
  • Circle
    Progressive retinal atrophy - genetic test are available


The short, fine coat of the Colorpoint is easily cared for. Comb it every couple of weeks with a stainless steel comb or soft bristle brush to remove dead hair, then polish it with a soft cloth to make it shine.

The ears are another place where dirt can build up. Make sure to use cotton balls with warm water and gently scrub the interior of theirs ears.

Children And Other Pets

The active and social Colorpoint is a perfect choice for families with children and cat-friendly dogs. He will play fetch as well as any retriever, learns tricks easily and loves the attention he receives from children who treat him politely and with respect. He gets along with cats and dogs who respect his authority. Always introduce pets slowly and in controlled circumstances to ensure that they learn to get along together.

Breed Recognition

November 15, 2018

Energy & PlayfulnessAffection & HandlingLikes To Be AloneVocalIntelligenceHealthGrooming & SheddingKid FriendlyOther PetsSizeEye

November 15, 2018

Energy & PlayfulnessAffection & HandlingLikes To Be AloneVocalIntelligenceHealthGrooming & SheddingKid FriendlyOther PetsSizeEye

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