How Much Does a Munchkin Cat Cost? (2019-2020 Guide)

August 24, 2019

Munchkin cats prices are going to vary based on the age, color, gender, leg size and breed of the cat, but generally a quality breeder is going to charge between $500 - $1200 for a munchkin cat. The breed is desired for their long, slender bodies and short legs. The more "Munchkin" the cat looks the higher the price a breeder can command.

Female munchkins tend to carry a higher price tag as they have the ability to produce a litter. Generally speaking, the younger the cat, the more expensive as people love the idea of having a kitten. I've found a few breeders that are charging as much as $2000-3000 for more pure bred munchkins with in demand coat colors, like white.

Pricing List Of Munchkins

Calico Munchkin $700

White Odd Eyes Munchkin  $600

White Blue Eyes Munchkin - $1600

Show Quality Munchkin - $2000

Virtually any breed of cat can be given the Munchkin genes and you find that cat breeds are in higher demand are going to be high in demand as a Munchkin. With all things in life, these are advertised prices and breeders are willing to negotiate especially if you're a serious buyer and demonstrate that you are a great candidate to care for the cat.

Will The Breed Of Munchkin Change The Price?


White, long hair breeds with blue eyes like Persians are in great demand in America. Because this breed of cat is difficult to come by with these traits, you can expect that a Munchkin cat from more expensive breeds like Bengals, Persians, American Curls, British Shorthairs and Russian Blues will increase the price of the Munchkin

Will Color Change The Price?

The color preference of the cat will depend on the buyer but solid colors like white and black are in high demand which can cause breeders to increase their asking price. My experience with cats tells me that eye color is sometimes more important than coat color. People tend to be more willing to pay for cats with blue eyes.

With that being said, calico coats, all white coats and distinctive shading on Munchkins is likely to increase the price. That number further increases with more desirable eye colors.

Will The Legs Change The Price?

The more dominant the Munchkin genes are the shorter the legs can be, so yes. The shorter the cats legs are the more the price will tend to increase as that cat as more of the desirable Munchkin traits that a potential cat owner will be looking for.

Short legs are one of the primary factors when determining price amongst breeders. The Munchkin breed is desired for this trait and buyers are willing to pay more for what most cat owners might consider as legs that are almost too short for a cat.

I've seen prices increase to $3000+ on breeds that look more like dachshunds . 

How Does Gender Affect Price?

Gender is typically something that is going to have an effect on price for most pet breeders and Munchkins are no different. Females that are able to produce more Munchkins will tend to go for a higher price.

Breeders that make a living selling cats will tend to charge a higher premium for females that have not bee spayed as they are directly creating competition for themselves in the market place. It only makes sense that they would want a higher premium to give away their hard work as a breeder.

Where to Buy Munchkin Cats

There are a lot of cat breeders that have Munchkins and many that exclusively cater to the breed. Use caution when buying a cat as you want to make sure you don't get an unhealthy kitten. Check out the breeder and see if they are registered with any of the governing bodies. If they are a member of the TICA, then they are likely conforming to standard practices and ethics when it comes to selling cats.

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