The best cat clocks to help you tell the time right meow

November 10, 2019

I’m all for decorating your house in cat accessories and cat clocks are definitely on that list. I remember going to my grandma’s house and she had a clock with pugs on them, so why can’t we cat lovers have a clock with cats on them?

I did my research on some different cat clocks and found some of the best cat clocks that you can buy.

The original motion cat clock

Kit Cat Klock Gentlemen The Original (Classic Black)
  • Measuring at 15.5 inches ears to tail this is the Original Size Kit-Cat Klock
  • This is the Classic Black Kit Cat Klock manufactured since 1932

You’ve probably seen this clock in dozens of tv shows, movies and popular culture references over the years. It’s one of the most iconic cat clocks of all time. The simple, black cat with a white tie is basically what original cat cartoons looked like. Felix the cat, among many others, were portrayed at this cat.

The tail bobs back and forth as the second’s tick and the eyes motion back and forth in a rhythmic and melodic way. This clock goes all the way back to the early ’30s and has been manufactured by the same American company since then.

   If you’re a sucker for nostalgia and originality, this is a great cat clock for your home.

​Things We Like

  • The iconic design
  • The moving eyes and tail
  • Comes in multiple colors

The digital desk cat clock

Three BY Digital Alarm Clock,3 Alarm Settings Wooden Electronic LED Display Snooze Time Temperature USB Charging with Voice Control for Bedroom,Bedside Kids,Office-Black (Cat)
  • Unique design: material made of solid wood,silicone, ABS, silicon the plastic cat is comfortable to...
  • Solid wood electronic screen:time,temperature and date are constantly flashing on the same screen.If...

This is a simple LED clock that works as a great addition to any desk or kitchen counter where space is limited, but you want a cool cat-themed clocked to show off your catastic flair. It’s made entirely of wood which makes it a lot more premium than a cheap plastic digital clock and it also comes with settings for 3 different alarms in case you wanted to use it as a bedside alarm clock.

The best part of this cat clock is that it runs off 3 AAA batteries so you can basically put it anywhere and have a cat clock in any area of your house. Always an added plus when looking to furnish your home with accessories.

​Things We Like

  • Battery powered
  • Has alarms
  • Made of wood

The iconic Felix the Cat Clock

NJ Croce Felix The Cat Motion Clock
  • Eyes and tail swing back and forth
  • Packaged in a Window Box

If you don’t know who Felix the cat is, that’s okay. He’s an iconic cartoon cat character that predates Slyvester &Tweety or Tom & Jerry. Some might say he’s the original fictional cat although I’m not sure if Alice and Wonderland and the Grinning Cheshire cat came before him.

I digress.

This clock is a spin off of the iconic eyes and tail wagging cat clock at the top of our list. If you’re someone who’s into throwback cartoons and retro decor in your home, then the Felix cat clock is definitely something you should consider.

​Things We Like

  • It’s Felix the cat!

The Modern Cat Clock

Who says that you can have a cat clock in a modern environment? I completely understand that some of these cat clocks are a bit eccentric and maybe you just want a simple black silhouette cat on a white background. Well, this is the perfect cat clock for you. It runs off one single battery and has a beautiful, brushed stainless steel frame that houses the clock.

It’s very modern in its design and will go with a lot of decors. It’s also very quiet if a constant second hand ticking is something that you don’t particularly enjoy.

​Things We Like

  • Modern design
  • Simple design
  • Battery powered

The Funny Cat Clock

Primitives by Kathy 33894 Time with Cats Clock
  • Clock measures 9.50Diameter
  • Made with high Quality wood and paper construction

Should you even buy a cat clock if it’s not funny? A lot of cat owners would agree with that statement. I’ve mentioned it many times before that funky cat gifts with puns are probably ever cat owners favorite and this clock is no exception to that rule.

The clock itself isn’t anything extraordinary, but I love the saying.

   “Time spend with a cat is never wasted”

We agree 100% to that sentiment. 

The wood design is very rustic and sure to go along with may natural design themes and elements in your home.

​Things We Like

  • Punny quotes
  • Wood background on the clock face

The Lazy cat clock

Wamika Round Wall Clock Cat on Swing White Vintage Wooden Clock Silent Non Ticking Wall Decorative,Kitty Cute Cats Flowers Butterfly Clocks 10 Inch Battery Operated Quartz Quiet Desk Clock for Home
  • Material: Made of environmental-friendly Wooden MDF (not solid wood), covered by paper drawing no...
  • Silent Non-ticking Wall Clock: Precise Quartz Sweep Movement guarantees accurate time and absolutely...

Who doesn’t love a cat in their element? This adorable little floof is just laying, stomach up on a rope swing that perfectly mimics my cat. I don’t know about yours, but if Max had a rope swing he would totally be sprawled out on it.

It’s a simple clock in its a design that works off one AA battery and is completely silent. I think this design is something that is unique and will work for some but not all, which is the point.

If this design speaks to you, then it’s definitely a cat clock that you need to buy.

​Things We Like

  • Love the lazy cat
  • Simple clock that works off one battery]

The Art Project Cat Clock

The interesting thing about this cat clock is that it’s an acrylic oil painting with a clock on it. I think that’s a great way to display art and also have some function to it. Because of this, the clock doesn’t have a clear faceplate to protect the clock. The art is just exposed to be viewed in your home or office.

It has very large numerals that are easy to read from a distance and stand out against the background of the painting behind it. While it’s not the most elaborate cat clock, it definitely has a cool artistic flair to it.

​Things We Like

  • Art that functions as a clock
  • Large numbers for easy reading

The eclectic cat clock

Allen Designs Black Kitty Pendulum Clock
  • measures 8"x11"
  • hand-painted fish clock hands and swinging fish bones pendulum

I’m going to be the first person to say that this clock is definitely an acquired taste. The artwork displays a very confused looking cat with a fishbone that bobs back and forth in the cat’s stomach. The hour hands are fish and the second hand is a squiggly red line.

I can appreciate the uniqueness of this clock and while it’s not my particular cup of tea, it definitely has a lot of fans as indicated by its reviews. The clock can balance on its own if you plan on displaying it on a counter, but one thing is for sure. This will definitely be a conversation piece, wherever you put it.

​Things We Like

  • Funky design on the clock
  • Moving mechanism
  • The clock can stand on its own

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