The best cat shower curtains (Buying Guide)

November 10, 2019

There are few places in the house where you can really cat out and the bathroom is definitely a place where this works. I’m with you, I think shower curtains can be a fun addition to the house and work well especially if you have a guest bathroom where you want to add some flair. Here are some of the best cat shower curtains you can buy.

In a rush. Here is our top pick

Sunlit Cute Black Cartoon Cat Shower Curtain with Black and White Stripes for Cat Lover,Funny Curious Kitten Pussy Fabric Bathroom Decor Set, PVC-Free Odorless.
  • Better Material - Made of water-repellent fabrics, non-PVC. Added thickness for better draping in...
  • Premium Quality - Rust-proof metal grommets and reinforced top-header to ensure durability.

I think this is the perfect option for many reasons. While I love cats, and I’m sure you do too if you’re reading this, I never want my house to be so catted out that it turns guests off. After all, there is always a meowing cat somewhere lurking around.

I think this design is contemporary and lots of bathrooms would go completely unnoticed that this is a cat shower curtain until the shower is actually in use. The little black silhouette feline is adorably hanging off what appears to be the end of the tub and it always gives me a giggle when I look at it.

I wonder if it would inspire my cat to get in the shower?

Who am I kidding, he’s already trying to get in the shower with me.

​Things We Like

  • Contemporary design
  • Fabric and high quality
  • Discreet cat design

What makes a good cat shower curtain?

All of the normal shower curtain rules apply. It has to be durable and definitely long enough to fit an adult shower.

Nothing is worse than ordering a shower curtain that leaves a 1-foot gap between the bottom of the curtain and the top of the tub. It basically defeats the entire purpose.

If you’re going to use a shower curtain that is more plastic and see-through, then you’ll need to accompany it with a sheer liner for privacy reasons. Especially if you have a bathroom that might be occupied by more than once person when visitors are over.

The chic cat shower curtain

iDesign SophistiCat Fabric Shower Curtain for Master, Guest, Kids', College Dorm Bathroom, 72" x 72", Black and White
  • FABRIC SHOWER CURTAIN: High-quality wrinkle resistant 100% polyester fabric gives your shower stall...
  • STYLISH: Black and white cats with a gingham border is fashionable and looks great with any decor

This shower curtain is definitely going to be more of a visual with the cats all over it, but I think their black silhouette combined with the gingham check print at the top and bottom of the curtain make it very chic for basically any bathroom layout.

It’s made of a polyester fabric, like most cat shower curtains, but that’s good as it will resist moisture, mildew and work perfectly in very wet environments. This would be a great shower curtain for younger adults that may not have the “best” bathroom cleanliness.

​Things We Like

  • Gingham check that adds some style
  • Polyester fabric

The pastel color cat shower curtain

Sunlit Design Lovely Multicolor Cartoon Cats Fabric Shower Curtain, Cute Cats Bathroom Decoration Curtains for Baby Kids Children
  • Better Material - Made of water-repellent fabrics, non-PVC. Added thickness for better draping in...
  • Premium Quality - Rust-proof metal grommets and reinforced top-header to ensure durability.

Lots of bathrooms have pastel color schemes and if you’re looking for a good cat shower curtain to fit into that schematic, then this is a great option. The simply drawn cat outlines are spread in array of earth tones that are sure to go with just about every bathroom decor you can think of.

The curtain itself has a hydrophobic backing so that it’s not necessary to use this with a liner if you just want this to be a stand-alone shower curtain.

​Things We Like

  • Color scheme goes well in most bathrooms
  • No need for a liner

A cool idea to hang your cat shower curtain

AsgenoX 12PCS Durable Paw Print Shower Curtain Hooks for Doggie Shower Curtain and Pit Bull Theme Bathroom, Kids Room Baby Room, Bedroom, Living Room Decor
  • Made from rust resistant coating and premium matt nickel finish, to ensure long lasting use
  • Our AsgenoX shower curtain hooks won't scratch your shower curtain rod and will add a touch of funny...

I figured that I would include these adorable metal cat paw hooks since they complete the entire look and feel of the ultimate cat themed bathroom. I think these would be one of those additions that go unnoticed by most, but the eagle-eyed guest would definitely appreciate your attention to details with this one.

​​​​The boho chic style cat shower curtain

Emvency Shower Curtain Funny Swedish Folk Cartoon Cats Birds and Flowers Ethnic Waterproof Polyester Fabric 60 x 72 Inches Set with Hooks
  • SIZE: 60"W x 72"L, can be used for bathtubs, shower stall, or any bathroom.
  • MATERIAL: 100% polyester fabric, water proof. Not see-through, protect your privacy always. Includes...

This is definitely a more free-spirited shower curtain that doesn’t really clash with a lot of decors, but definitely requires a certain personal vibe to really mesh well with the personality of the person who’s house this is in. With a rustic, floral and cartoon print, it definitely will be a conversation piece of anyone that see’s it.

It’s not the most luxurious of fabrics, but what it lacks in luxury, it makes up for in creativity. This is more likely a shower curtain that you’d want to include in a guest bathroom.

​Things We Like

  • Great value for money
  • Unique print design

The traditional cat shower curtain

Sunlit Design Black Cat Silhouette and Gray Mosaic Fabric Shower Curtain. Grey and White
  • Better Material - Made of water-repellent fabrics, non-PVC. Added thickness for better draping in...
  • Premium Quality - Rust-proof metal grommets and reinforced top-header to ensure durability.

Nothing says traditional like a geometric print shower curtain in black, grey and white. This is about as staple as you can get for a shower curtain, minus the cats. It almost looks as though this was a geometric shower curtain and someone said, “Hey we can spruce this up if we add cats to it”.

Well. You’ve caught my eye because this is the very same shower curtain that I have in my guest bathroom and I haven’t looked back. It’s a very simple design that doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of cats but definitely gets the point across that I like cats.

   Why else would you have a cat shower curtain?

​Things We Like

  • Simple geometric design
  • Grey tones that will match with anything
  • Not overwhelmed with photos of cats.

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