The Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats

August 9, 2019

When you have more than one cat, they all want to have the high ground and be able to see the world beneath them. You will need a few places for them to be high off the ground and there needs to be enough space for 2 or 3 cats to comfortably feel like they have their own environment. This guide will help you find out  what types of cat trees will be best for multiple cats.

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick

Go Pet Club Classic Cat Tree, Faux Fur Finish, Sisal Rope Scratcher, 62"H, Beige
  • BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE This Cat Tree is made from highly durable compressed wood, wrapped with high...
  • COMFORT AND ENTERTAINMENT FOR YOUR CAT: Your cat needs a space of their own to rest and play. They...

This is one of the more reasonably sized options in the market. When dealing with multiple cats, we all know that space can be a bit of an issue and not all homes can acomodate a cat tree that takes up as much space as a small love seat. 

The Go Pet Club comes in a couple of different colors to match most decors and at 62" tall, it has more than enough climbing height that most cats will enjoy. While there aren't a lot of bells and whistles on this cat tree, there are more than enough nooks and hammocks for 3 medium sized cats to comfortably sit. 

Things We Like
  • Multiple nooks for 2 or more cats to hang out in
  • The tiers are large enough to fit multiple cats with more than enough room to spare
  • Posts are reinforced for scratching

What to look for in a cat tree for multiple cats.

Cats like having their personal space at times and you want a cat tree that will provide multiple levels for your cats to hang out on.  The medium levels and higher levels should be at least 3-4 feet off the ground so as to give you cat a comfortable vantage point to look from.

I know that having low hanging toys ropes and balls to bat around is always a great idea. It might look good in the photos but rarely do 2-3 cats want to sit and nap at the same time. Often a few want to lay while one ore more wants to have some play. A versatile cat tree with toys on the lower level will provide entertainment while the higher levels can be used for sleeping

Feandrea 67 Cat Tree For Large Cats

FEANDREA 67-Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Stable, Light Gray UPCT18W
  • Exclusive Luxury for Cats: Your feline friends need a cozy home of their own to play, take a nap or...
  • All-in-One Playground: 2 roomy condos offer luxurious napping experience; 3 plush perches with...

The Feandrea 67" cat tree is the Cadillac of cat trees. It's not often that you find a cat tree that will fit multiple cats and offer them each their own perch to sleep on and two kitty condos. This unit might look larger than life but it actually fits in a relatively smaller footprint. It's only slightly taller than 5 feet.

The scratching  board / walk up stairs are an attribute that cats love. They can get out a few scratches on the way up to their luxurious paradise. If you have 3 or more cats, you can't go wrong with the Feeandrea 67" cat tree.

Things We Like
  • Three separate perches for cats to lay on.
  • Sisal covered scratching post on basically every level
  • 2 Kitty condos for napping

Feandrea 70 Inch Large Cat Tree

Make no mistake about it... this is a large cat tree and truly designed for people with multiple cats. I'm fairly confident that this cat tree could comfortably sleep 7 cats with space for 10. It's basically the deluxe AirBnB of cat trees.

The biggest advantage, aside from its size, are the enclosed cat condos that you cats are sure to love. The smaller access cat condos on the bottom are great for less dominant cats or smaller cats that don't want to climb high. They can still feel secure and comfortable on the lowest level.

The taller levels have 4 perches with a kitty penthouse. I almost want to live in it!

Things We Like
  • Combination of 2 cat trees for more space
  • Enough high perches for up to 4 cats
  • 2 enclosed cat boxes and one on the bottom for smaller cat access

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Blue
  • Ultra-Durable: All scratching poles and boards are completely hand-glued with thick natural sisal...
  • Safety First: Crafted with heavy weight, durable and environmentally friendly 0.6-inch MDF boards,...

This cat tree works well for multiple cats due to its height. At 72", it's one of the largest on our list. While it's not largest in terms of horizontal space, it makes up for it by providing 2 very tall levels and three perches for your fur children to hang out on.

The best part of this cat tree is simply the height. At 6 feet tall, it's more than enough height for your cats to feel safe and enjoy their vantage of being much higher off the ground than most adults. 

Things We Like
  • 6 feet of cat tree for cats to climb
  • Three perches for your cats to sleep on
  • 2 kitty condos that are high enough off the ground for cats to feel comfortable

Can these cat trees hold my larger cats?

Absolutely! Even if you have a cat that is 15-20lbs, they won't have any issue climbing up and down these large cat trees. All of these have very sturdy bases and are very secure even at 60+ inches

Where should I put my cat tree?

I would recommend that you put your cat tree by a window or with some access to the sun. Cats love to bathe in the sun and putting your tree near a window or light sources is sure to encourage them spend time on it.

Will my cats actually use a cat tree?

Most cats have a biological desire to be high off the ground. If you build it, they will come. While most cats won't use all of the features, you can rest assured that your feline fur baby will definitely want to use the tallest parts of the cat tree

Do these cat trees require tools to build?

Most of the cat trees you purchase won't require any additional tools other than what's included in the box. They will take 30-45 minutes to put together, but shouldn't require more than some basic instruction following and elbow grease.

Go Pet Club

Go Pet Club is the leading provider of pet furniture products in the USA since 2003 and simply offers the widest variety of pet furniture on the market.  With our own manufacturer we carry exclusive design cat trees and pet related products that make us a one-stop pet supply marketplace.

Go Pet Club provides a broad range of pet products at extremely competitive pricing providing you with an effortless online pet supply shopping experience.  Our selection of products include pet crates, pet barriers, pet strollers, pet beds, and a wide selection of cat trees.  In addition to providing the lowest price in the industry, our online pet products are very unique and exclusive.  We constantly design and bring new products to the marketplace and help pet parents to raise healthy and happy pets.


FEANDREA has been active as a designer, manufacturer and wholesaler in the pet products industry for about 10 years. The brand FEANDREA is specially created for the pet products further promotion.

In 2011, we established an office and warehouse in Germany. Later, in 2014, we established an office and warehouse in the USA. 

Our main products focus on the cat and dog products now. FEANDREA makes innovative, top-quality products. Long-term cooperation is what we pursue.

Wrap Up

There are lots of cat trees in the market that you can buy and will work with multiple cats, but these two brands are among some of the best cat tree options that I've found. If you have multiple cats, then the best option is the Go Pet Club 62" Cat Tree.

I've never seen a cat owner upset with this product and it is sure to last in your home for many years to come.

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