The Best Non Clumping Cat Litters You Should Try

May 11, 2021

It is essential to buy the best non-clumping cat litter so that you can manage cat urine and feces in your home. There are two main types of cat litter you can get in the market.

 You can go for the non-clumping cat litter that does not clump together after exposure to urine or feces. It is the oldest type of cat litter on the market, and it is a bit cheap. If you would like to get a cheaper cat litter, then you can opt for non-clumping.

Clumping cat litter will form solid particles after exposure to urine or wetness from feces. It is easy to clean because you can remove the solid particles that form after exposure to urine. It does not require regular emptying like the non-clumping type. 

Why choose a non-clumping cat litter?

There are many brands of clumping cat litter in the market. You will enjoy several benefits after you decide to go for the clumping cat litter. Here are some of the reasons why you can decide to go for the non-clumping cat litter: 

Removes odor

The non-clumping cat litter has a high capability of absorbing and removing odor from urine. You would like your home to stay conducive for family members to enjoy. The cat litter comes in materials that are highly effective in removing odor. You can apply it, and it will play a great role in removing bad odor. 

Can absorb large volumes of urine

If you have several cats in your home, you need cat litter to absorb a lot of urine. The non-clumping cat litter has the capability of absorbing a lot of urine. You reduce the chances of the cat litter box becoming wet after you get the cat litter. 

Affordable option

When comparing the cost of clumping cat litter and non-clumping cat litter, you will realize non-clumping cat litter is a bit affordable. It is essential to save money in your home. Buying non-clumping cat litter will save you money in the process.  

What are some downsides to using non-clumping cat litter?

Non-clumping cat litter has few drawbacks you should note down before you proceed to buy it. For instance, it can allow urine to accumulate at the bottom of the box and lead to regular cleaning. You will tend to do a lot of work. The frequency of replacing the cat litter is high because it will become wet in the litter box with time.


Should I make the switch to a non-clumping cat litter?

Yes, you can switch to the non-clumping cat litter. It is the best way to save money. If you compare the different types of cat litter available, you will realize the non-clumping tends to be highly effective in preventing urine odor, and they are affordable. You will save a lot of money in the process after you decide to go for the cat litter. 

Top 4 best non-clumping cat litter


The all-natural cat litter is lightweight and easy to use. If you are looking for the best non-clumping litter, then you will find the litter very reliable.

It is an eco-friendly option if you are looking for high-quality litter. It is highly reliable in absorbing and controlling odor. The ability to seal liquids makes it very reliable in your home. 

One of the features you will like about the litter is the high absorption rate. The non-tracking design contributes to keeping your home clean. The low dust and low maintenance design make many people prefer the litter. It is an eco-friendly litter you can get that assures you value for money.

(1 Bag) Skoon All-Natural Cat Litter, 8 lbs - Light-Weight, Non-Clumping, Low Maintenance, Eco-Friendly - Absorbs, Locks and Seals Liquids for Best Odor Control.
  • [HIGH ABSORPTION = NO ODOR] - Urine is absorbed in seconds, so it always stays clean and dry,...
  • [NON-TRACKING] - Skoon will not stick to your cat´s paws, preventing any unhealthy licking or messy...
  • All-natural litter
  • Absorbs and locks liquids
  • Effective odor control
  • Low Dust
  • Not scented
  • Doesn't last as long as some litters

Fresh Scoop

The non-clumping cat litter can be a great addition to your home. It comes in an attractive scent that will make you enjoy having it in your home.

The ability to neutralize odor makes sit very practical in your home. You can easily introduce it to your home, and it will play a great role in making you enjoy everyday use.

The super absorbent design eliminates the stress of having to deal with a wet litter box. The litter comes in a long-lasting design that will make it serve for a long. It is a litter we highly recommended due to its remarkable performance.

Many people offer good reviews because it is designed to assure you peace of mind. 

  • It comes in attractive scent
  • Patented odor neutralizers
  • Super absorbent
  • Paw activated freshness
  • Not all natural
  • A little dust


It is another high-quality non-clumping cat litter you can get. The high performance makes many people prefer it. You can rely on cat litter to handle several cats in your home.

Highly absorbent materials can handle urine from several cats in your home.
It has great absorption and powerful odor control features. The application of high-quality formula makes cat litter very practical in your everyday applications. It is tested to ensure it assures users great performance.

  • Non-clumping cat litter
  • 24/7 performance for multiple cats
  • Powerful odor control
  • High absorption
  • Not scented
  • Can be dusty

Feline Pine

It is an all-natural cat litter you can get. The highly reliable materials make it work well for everyday cat management. Low dust avoids cases where family members can suffer from allergies.

There are no harsh chemicals used in making cat litter. You will get a low dust and lightweight cat litter that will make you enjoy applying it in your everyday life. The manufacturing process contributes to environmental conservation.

Feline Pine Platinum Natural Pine Original Non-Clumping Cat Litter, with Baking Soda, 40 lb
  • -NO HARSH CHEMICALS, NO ADDED FRAGRANCE—this non-clumping cat litter is an effective odor...
  • Eco-friendly cat litter
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Highly absorbent
  • Has baking soda
  • Added fragrance
  • A bit expensive

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May 11, 2021

It is essential to buy the best non-clumping cat litter so that

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